Alexander Reynolds

Untitled Work In Progress

I have been experimenting more with multiples of the same figure. I am pretty happy where this is going at the moment, but it is not completely finished, there are some spots that need refining and the hands need development. When I was carrying it to class we never seem to have good weather when we have to carry work to class. So the paint got a little smeared.


Oil On Canvas, 60 x 48 inches, 2011


Current work in progress.

I am experimenting with ways of working that I have never ventured into before. I have been working with a lot of multiples of the same figure and overlapping various parts of their bodies to to get a visual effect that I am absolutely in love with. I am not %100 sure why I like doing this but I am just rolling with it so far.

Untitled (Two Nudes)

Oil On Canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2011

Original Work by Alexander Reynolds

Blog Hiatus…

I have taken a leave of absence from this blog because of Tumblr. I am going to revisit this blog because WP has elements that Tumblr lacks. I am working on a Cargo Collective website on the side for my more polished work so in the future look out for that. But be sure to also visit  for more stuff.

We started hanging…

Yesterday we started hanging work. It looks really nice in there, but it should not be this stressful to do…


The Gallery Space

The room we are showing in has finally been cleared out for the show. All it needs now is a good paint job and we will be good to go. I am definitely excited about this.